Graphic Design


Your seal

Your stamp, your footprint, how you are identified, how you are different from others, is your "personal brand".

Therefore, as with trademarks, your personal brand must make a lasting impression and suggest the benefit of the relationship between the brand owner and the observer.

Looking back in history, Tom Peyers created the concept of personal branding (personal brand management) in 1997, in the sense that we can self-manage our brand as if it were a company.

Posteriormente, con la aparición de los blogs (2000) y redes sociales (2004), el concepto de marca personal y de su gestión (personal branding) se populariza porque se apertura ante toda la posibilidad de publicar.

Personal Brander Nancy Vázquez, Co-Founder of one of the main Personal Branding agencies, defines personal branding as the good development and diffusion of the added value that no other professional can bring to the market and that will become the footprint by which recruiters or clients choose one talent over another.

Nowadays, in the digital era, the objective is to position yourself through social networks, interacting with the globalized world; whether to do business, create job opportunities, form communities, etc.

Web 2.0 has become a key tool for the development of a personal brand. In Spain, 51% use the Internet to find work, 31% have a profile on a professional network, and 10% have found work thanks to their virtual contacts. On the other hand, in the U.S., in 2011 companies used LinkedIn (87%), followed by Facebook (55%) and Twitter (47%) in their recruitment processes.

Just as companies spread their brands, authors such as David Villaseca (2017) propose systems to develop digital talent and spread it in digital (web, blog, search engines...) and social media (such as Linkedin).

Por ello, es necesario que trabajes en la construcción de tu marca personal; lo cual implica un proceso de análisis y selección del contenido de tus publicaciones, segmentando tu público objetivo y así posicionar tu “sello personal”.